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Welcome MERP Students

Welcome to the Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP). We have a strong tradition of assisting aspiring medical students in building the foundation they need to be successful in medical school and to achieve their dreams of becoming physicians.

MERP students feel free to search from a wide range of local landlords excited to provide a home away from home while you attend school here in the Miramar area.

Welcome to MERP Off-Campus Housing. This site is for MERP students, faculty, and staff to find quality, safe local housing within a commutable distance to campus. We could not provide this service without the help of local landlords that provide a home-away-from-home for our students.

Landlords, be sure to choose the 12-month posting option allowing you to re-list and de-list as many times as needed throughout the year. A full year listing is just $36 using promo code 'SUMMER-2022'. New landlords always receive a free 30-day listing. New landlords always receive a free 30-day listing. Thank you for supporting MERP off-campus housing.